Tips for pergola construction in Adelaide

Pergolas are structures that are constructed to enhance the look of a home. They can be set as free-standing structures or attached to a house. Pergolas offer outdoor comfortable space for relaxation or rest.

Their construction can be accomplished by use of pressure-treated Redwood or pine. Cedar wood is another excellent alternative though it’s more costly. When designing a pergola,  one needs to be considerate about the amount of shade they intend to create with this structure. The shape is attained by a number of factors such as the height of the pergola, their position, sizes of lumber used and the presence of suitable shade plants that sprawl upwards along the columns to form a canopy whose ultimate purpose is to offer shade.

That said, let’s have a discussion on the essential tips that are worth considering before setting up a pergola.

  1. One has to ask themselves if they intend to construct the structure by themself or contract it to a firm or someone. The greatest question to ask here is if one has the required expertise if they intend to build themselves. If not, then the only option is to bring in a contractor.
  2. Determine the amount of money you are willing to spend. In other words, prepare a budget that you can afford. Prices for setting pergolas vary depending on size and other factors. Take a look at the available amount in cash before starting the project.
  3. Have the design of your preferred pergola that you intend to construct in mind irrespective of whether you will build it yourself or contract it. This entails determining if the structure shall be attached to a home or shall be set independently (free standing). You can then translate the design to a paper while considering dimensions and scale set by you.
  4. Ensure that you obtain approval or rather permission before proceeding with the construction. Certain regions and states have regulations that govern attachment of a structure to an existing one or building of a free-standing structure. Simply get an approval before starting the construction.
  5. Look for inspirations from people and the internet on colour and styles for your pergola. Making a choice on these aspects is trickier. Relating several pergolas from several locations offers a wide range from which to choose. Colour on the other hand may take that of your current surroundings.
  6. Go for the right material for your pergola. Traditionally, timber has been the option but other materials such as high-density plastic, metal and fiberglass can be used as well. Depending on the weather conditions of your region, either of these materials will suit the purpose.


You may decide to purchase a pergola plan designed to suit your landscape. They come with information on various pergola sizes with procedural instructions on how construction should be conducted. Either way, some skills are still necessary in order to accomplish the construction process successfully.


Pergolas are important outdoor structures that offer outdoor space for rest. Being informed on matters of their construction is important as it helps in setting the appropriate budget for their construction. Adherence to the mentioned tips and related aspects will help in the successful construction of a pergola. One may use this information to help them become experts in Adelaide pergola design and construction.

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