At Brownsmith Restoration we believe that we are preserving one of the most fundamental elements of American culture: the home. But for us, it’s about more than just good design and quality construction. We believe in staying true to the historical accuracies and character of period design, down to the finest details, to ensure old homes and buildings feel beautiful, nostalgic and authentic. We create historical works of art combined with modern-day conveniences, connecting the past to the present.

To us, relationships with our clients are very important. Remodeling your home is a very personal thing; it is at times emotional and trying. We strive to be respectful, communicate clearly and to see things from your perspective. In hiring us, you invite us into your home and neighborhood. This is an honor that we don’t take lightly.

Our Process

Our process is people. We treat every new project like a new relationship. We learn about the complexities and histories - how the space functions and what the space is used for. We do our best to learn about the people who live and work there. From there, we create a detailed plan, select the right professionals to work on the job, and create a budget and calendar to take the initial idea and turn it into a beautiful new space. Planning/Design - We are often hired to help our clients with planning and design. Whether this means creating drawings for a kitchen addition or maneuvering the many perils of City Bureaucracies, our clients find us to be energetic, optimistic and full of creativity. We truly love solving problems and we believe that good design solves problems. We greatly value the many partnerships we have with architects and designers and work as a team to ensure that the space feels authentic. When working with Brownsmith Restoration, you’ll find that we develop a deep connection to your space. Because our process is people, we do our best to communicate throughout the entire process and make sure that everyone involved feels comfortable and informed. Keeping in mind that every project requires a fresh perspective and flexibility, we have developed a process that we use as a guideline.


We start with a preliminary meeting with you and talk about ideas. Together we will learn whether moving forward with the project is a good fit.


Based on our initial meeting, a design agreement is sent to the owner for approval. We will then have an in-depth meeting in order to better understand the project’s individual needs, budget constraints and scheduling. At this meeting measurements are taken and drawings are started. Our end goal of the design phase to identify clearly what the scope of work will be. Detailed drawings, floor plans, elevations, fixture hardware suggestions, scope of work and proposal of project costs are completed. Depending on the project, an architect is hired at this time as well.


During the project planning phase bids are obtained from subcontractors. A contract is prepared with project details. Our Project Manager begins to schedule subcontractors. A complete project and payment schedule is presented for your review and approval.


Permits are obtained, final materials and fixtures are purchased. Schedule of project is officially completed. Demolition will start and contracted work will process according to the provided schedule. Weekly meetings (determined between contractor and property owner) take place. We go over details, progress, and any change orders that need to be addressed.


A final walk through with contractor, project manager and property owner will occur. Any final details will be completed and final payment is made.